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Wollongong Workshop Theatre

What We Do

Wollongong Workshop Theatre

About Workshop

Wollongong Workshop Theatre has been an integral part of the Wollongong community since the early year of 1953. Even during its humble beginnings in a school hall, Workshop is locally renowned for staging quality pieces of theatre from classics to modern masterpieces. At its core however, Workshop aims to foster local talent by creating key opportunities for locally written and devised works.

Workshop endeavours to breed a culture of support and teamwork and has collaborated with a number of other organisations in the spirit of promoting community theatre to the public. The We regularly collaborate with local organisations such as Headway, Eaton Gorge Theatre Company (ETGC) and more recently the IMB Community Foundation. Despite its size, Workshop has played host to a number of Australian and International premieres such as "I am Shakespeare" by Mark Rylance, "That Day in September" by Artie Van Why and locally written "Our Neighbourhood - A Play with Songs" by Adam O'Brien.

An Organisation with a Rich History

Workshop has a rich history, starting as an organisation conducted in a school hall in 1953. Today, Workshop is just one of many Illawarra community theatres. Despite the increase in local community theatres, Workshop continues to thrive, often performing shows which other companies in the area do not. Such productions are typically unknown, fringe or controversial and provide Workshop with a unique opportunity to engage the community without the audience having pre-conceptions or other expectations on the show.


Worshop has a collection of works from various stages of its past history. In conjuction IMB, through the IMB community grant program, Workshop is compiling an electronic archive documenting the rich history of Workshop which will be made accessable online.


Wollongong Workshop Theatre Inc. is a company which operates Workshop under committee governance. The Committee makes decisions about theatre business on behalf of members and the organisation. Currently there are 5 members on the WWT Committee:

  • Gabi Harding | President
  • Nerida Brown | Secretary
  • Tim Baker | Treasurer
  • Megan Harding | Advertising and Social Media|Bookings
  • Curtis Pazderka | Technical Officer

If you would like to become part of the committee, you must become a member and be present at the Annual Grand Meeting (AGM), usually held in March. The WWT Committee strongly encourages all members to attend the AGM and voice their say regarding the direction of WWT. Currently WWT is experiencing limited ability to operate efficiently due to the small committee base. If you are interested in joining the committee or volunteering time to help maintain operations or work on projects (such as the archives project) please contact us. We need more help.

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